Tygon pump tubes- =PVC (Standard)
Aqueous solutions
1 package includes 12 pump tubes

SEAL FLOW RATED TygonTM  Pump Tubes can be used on the TechniconTM AAII, Bran+LuebbeTM AAII, Bran+LuebbeTM AA3, SEAL Analytical AA3. SEAL is the only supplier of TygonTM pump tubes FLOW-RATED for 200 hours use. Our manufacturer uses a SEAL AA3 to check the flow-rates of each batch.  Other pump tubing flow rates volume varies 10 -30%. To guarantee best performance, best reproducibility & lowest detection limits, always use SEAL flow rated pump tubing on your segmented flow analyzer. Note: The color codes and flow rates for the individual Sample, Reagent and Air lines are shown in the method. * Flow rates are for Tygon tubing at normal pump speeds. For the other tubing materials, flow rates are generally up to 20% smaller and depend upon the fluids used.

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