Soil & Plant Extract Analysis- Recommended Instruments

Analyzing soil quality is important for maximizing crop yield in agricultural application and for assessment of inferences in natural terrestrial ecosystems. SEAL understands growing plants, and therefore soil testing, is seasonal. Sample thoughput during some seasons can be very high and can create a burden on lab staff when manual processes are in place. SEAL offers reliable solutions to automate highly manual processes and to help increase productivity and flexibility for all steps in the soil and fertilizer analysis process including: sample receiving; sample digestion and extraction; sample testing; data handling and LIMS communication. 


Analyzers for Soil Analysis

Segmented Flow Analyzer

Ideal for laboratories requiring high throughput, high reproducibility and low detection limits, SEAL’s segmented flow analyzers (SFA) are state of the art nutrient analyzers. Systems are customizable to fit all workloads and method needs.Perfectly suited for standard chemistries as well as inline sample preparation including dialysis and UV digestion. Alternative detectors such as Flame Photometers are also available. 


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  • Total Automation, with full digital control of heaters, distillation, digestion, air injection and reagents PLUS automatic start-up and shut-down
  • Multi-Test Chemistry Manifolds for total flexibility and so each channel is not dedicated to one chemistry
  • Dialysis to remove interference and extend the analytical range
  • In-line UV assisted persulfate digestion
  • Ion-Exchange in-line to remove interfering cations
  • Flame Photometer for testing of potassium or sodium
  • Suitable for the following extractions: Olsen P, KCL, Bray, Morgan, Malich and more!

System Options

  • Options are available for every size laboratory including labs with small workloads as well as labs requiring high capacity analyzing hundreds of samples per day


Discrete Analyzers

SEAL Discrete nutrient analyzers are ideal for highly automated soils testing with true walk away operation, automatic standard preparation and automatic pre and post dilution capabilities. Ideal for laboratories requiring high levels of automation and a wide range of chemistries.

  • Multiple chemistry parameters on a single sample, in any order and without operator intervention.
  • No cross contamination, with the integrated probe washer.
  • Integrated Cadmium Coil with in-situ regeneration and delivering flexibility in nitrate+nitrite testing.
  • Simplified waste disposal minimizes hazardous waste disposal costs
  • Compact and enclosed bench-top design eliminates the need for a fume hood.


Typical Soil Analyzer Parameters

Aluminum  Ammonia  Amino Acids Boron
Calcium Carbohydrate Carbon (dissolved organic) Carbon (Organic)
Chloride Fluoride Iodine Iron
Magnesium Manganese Nitrate Nitrite
Nitrogen, total Phosphate Phosphorous, total Potassium
Soluble carbohydrates Potassium Silicate Sodium








Soil Analysis By Probe

SEAL has many options for automating your soils testing lab. The multi- parameter MiniLab robotic system can be configured to prepare and automate a range of analytical parameters – all in one system. 

Ideal for water and soil applications, systems range from a simple single parameter unit, such as pH, to a multi probe unit designed to measure many parameters. These can include sample preparation features such as sample splitting and filtration. The MiniLab is compatible with many current meters, probe types and titration systems. 

The MiniLab robot is ideal for automating: alkalinity, pH, conductivity, turbidity, color, hardness


Digestion Systems

Digestion of soil samples for testing of Phosphorous and Nitrogen are common. Depending on automation and temperature needed SEAL has multiple systems to fit your lab’s needs.  Options include: simple, economical digestion for TN/TP; TKN digestion with automated heating steps; fully automated digestion of TN/TP including chemical addition.


Sample Preparation Products

  • Filtration- SEAL offers stand-alone filtration robots for high capacity soils applications or filtration can be added to any of our MiniLab robotic systems. SEAL segmented flow analyzers can also filter via dialysis – see Segmented Flow section for more information. 
  • Weighing-Weighing of samples before drying to assess dryness or after ashing can be done with SEAL robotic systems or inline with various other steps on our MiniLab robotic system. 


Fully automated soil testing