QuAAtro Customer Support

Support Available for QuAAtro Users

Seal Analytical QuAAtro Segmented Flow Analyzer

Customer Support Manual Inclusions:

  1. Maintenance Checklists
    1. The first 3 tabs are set up to organize the Operational / Maintenance Checklists.  
    2. Daily / Weekly Checklist
    3. Monthly Maintenance Checklist - Includes "How To" clean and lubricate the pump
    4. 12 Month Maintenance Checklist - Includes "How To" Change Photometer lamp & Change Sampler Probe / Sample Line
    5. Service Contract Information
  2. "How To"
    The 4th tab is the NEW "How To" Section featuring the following information:
    •   Daily Startup    •  Bubble Pattern  •  Wash Solution Baseline Troubleshooting
    •   Calculate Reagent Absorbance  •  Calculate Sensitivity  •  Sensitivity / Noise Troubleshooting 
    •   Colorimeter Check   •  Cadmium Column Preparation   •  Checking Inter-sample Air Bubble
    •   Building a Diagnostic Package  •  Opening a diagnostic Package 
  3. QuAAtroSystem
    This section gives you the detailed information you need nearly every day:
    •   XY2 / XY3 Sampler - Part numbers, sample line, sample splitters
    •   Pump tubes, air valves, pump tube chart 
    •   Analytical Manifold - Mixing / heating, cadmium reduction, on-line distillation, dialysis, on-line UV digestion, on-line solvent extraction
    •   Tubing and Glass connections - How to with Part numbers and recommended connectors
    •   Detectors - Colorimeter description part numbers and a review of the other available detectors
  4. Multi-Test Manifolds
    How do Multi-test manifolds work? And what are the advantages.
    •  Multi-test Manifold Diagrams
    •  Multi-test Advantages   •   Multi-test Methods  • Multi-test Chemistry Changeover - Wash out chart   
  5. AACE Software
    The 7th tab is devoted to the new features in AACE along with how to and why the software is set up for a run.
    •   AACE release Notes  •  Sampling Rates 
    •   Software Corrections - Carryover, Baseline Drift, Sensitivity Drift
    •   Typical Tray Protocol 
    •   Statistics - Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation, Correlation Coefficient, Detection Limit
    •   Calculating Results
  6. CFA / SFA Theory
    •  Hydraulics - Laminar Flow, Segmented Flow
    •  Dispersion - Mathematical Model in Segmented Streams, Sources of Dispersion, Wetting Agents
    •  Steady State
    •  Advantages of Air-segmented CFA 
    •  Photometry - Lambert-Beer Law
  7. Troubleshooting
    •  AACE PC Troubleshooting
    •  Sampler Inter-Sampler Air Bubble
    •  Troubleshooting Guide  •  No air bubbles  •  Bad Bubble Pattern   •  Vaseline or Sensitivity Drift  •  High Carryover
    •  Baseline Noise  •  Loss of Sensitivity  •  Spikes at Beginning of Peaks  •  Baseline elevated after Run 
    •  Baseline elevated at end of run but returns slowly •  Fluctuation in Steady State  •   Downward Sensitivity Drift  
    •  Spikes on Peaks Caused by Air in Flowcell  •  Rhythmic Pulsing Noise (Every 2 seconds) 
    •  Rhythmic Pulsing Noise (Every 1-3 seconds)  •  Random Noise (Every 5-15 seconds)  •  No Steady-State
    •  Poor Sample Transfer