QuAAtro 39

The QuAAtro39 high performance microflow chemistry analyzer is ideal for the detection of ultra-low nutrients in water, wastewater, seawater, soil, plant extracts, tobacco and wine, utilizing USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods.

The SEAL AA100 Auto Analyzer

The compact dual channel AA100 AutoAnalyzer is the ideal chemical analyzer for laboratories running only 1 or 2 dedicated chemistries. Like the bigger AA500 AutoAnalyzer it is designed specifically for environmental and industrial testing laboratories, utilizing USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods.

AQ400 Discrete Analyzer

The SEAL AQ400 Discrete Analyzer is a bench-top analyzer designed by chemists to address the needs of environmental laboratories requiring high levels of automation, a wide range of chemistries and limits of detection that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

SmartBlock ll - Graphite Heating Block

The SmartBlock ll is a graphite heating block that can simultaneously digest up to 60 samples. Faster, simpler and safer than digestions carried out using traditional laboratory equipment, the robust construction, small footprint and economical pricing makes it ideal for small laboratories or those with limited space looking for simpler and safer Metals digestions.

AQ300 Discrete Analyzer

The AQ300 Discrete Analyzer brings all the same benefits as the AQ400 Discrete Analyzer, but with a smaller footprint and lower sample throughput, Making it ideal for laboratories with less space or smaller workload all while utilizing USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods.

BD50 / BD28 Block Digestion System

The SEAL Analytical Digestion Block is a Kjeldahl digestion system that automates acid digestions of up to 50 laboratory samples simultaneously. It is ideal for Total Nitrogen (TKN) and Phosphorous (TP) digestion.

Minilab 1200 BOD System

Automating BOD. Cost effective solution for automating Biological Oxygen Demand


The DEENA II is an automated metals and mercury digestion system that fully automates the digestion process, including dispensing reagents, heating and cooling. DEENA II has the necessary functionality to automate your standard sample digestion process without modification.

The SEAL AA500 Segmented Flow Analyzer

The AA500 is the AutoAnalyzer you’ve been waiting for- total automation, ultralow detection, multitest chemistries, high throughput

SEAL's NEW range of Lab Automation

SEAL Analytical has an exciting new range of robotic testing and handling systems. These are ideal for automating sample splitting,  (pre) treatment, and tests such as BOD, pH, EC, turbidity, colour and alkalinity. They are manufactured in the new SEAL Netherlands factory.  Contact us for more information on how we can make your laboratory more automated and efficient.

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Rohasys MiniLab BOD System

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SEAL Webinar Series

SEAL Webinar Series

Complimentary webinars hosted by our expert chemists to keep you informed and supported.  Each webinar is approximately 60 minutes concluding with question and answer sessions and opportunities to address your specific issues. Join a webinar now.

SEAL Lab Supplies

High Quality Lab Supplies

SEAL genuine parts and laboratory consumables for SEAL instruments and other laboratory systems. Choose SEAL Laboratory Supplies for guaranteed quality and performance. Contact us for a catalogue. Autoship options available.

Townsville- Australia- water front

Australian Lab's Keys to Success

Experience, resourcefulness and extra effort are the keys to success for this lab, situated in North Queensland, Australia.  The laboratory started 35 years ago as a council laboratory monitoring the city's potable and wastewater systems. 

Events and Exhibitions

Come and meet us in person. It's one of the best ways to see why our Analyzers lead the world in environmental analysis, and (just as importantly) you can meet the Chemists who will be supporting you when you install a SEAL Analyzer.

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SEAL Press Release

The UK’s National Oceanography Centre’s (NOC) ocean-going lab is the real test of a nutrient analyzer. The NOC undertakes integrated ocean research and technology development from the coast to the deep ocean and has a heavy requirement for seawater analysis in their facilities and on board research vessels. Under these conditions, high levels of precision and reliability can be a challenge for most laboratory equipment, so NOC has invested in SEAL Analytical segmented flow analyzers (SFAs) - the AA3 and the QuAAtro. 

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