AQ270 Discrete Analyzer

AQ270 Discrete Analyzer

The AQ270 Discrete Analyzer is the ideal entry level Discrete Analyzer, rounding out the SEAL Analytical nutrient analyzer family to bring automated nutrient analysis to every size laboratory and budget. The AQ270 Discrete Analyzer delivers the benefits of discrete analysis, but with a smaller footprint and lower sample throughput- ideal for laboratories with less space or smaller workloads. Designed specifically for nutrient analysis on environmental samples, it is perfect for immediate results on many different parameters from the same sample. In the AQ270 all samples are read in exactly the same way in an optical glass cuvette, giving you the best reproducibility, the lowest detection limits and a unique design that ensures no cross contamination. Designed specifically for environmental samples.

Why Choose the AQ270 for Your Nutrient Analysis?

Discrete Analyzer Methods

How Do Seal AQ270 Discrete Analyzers Work?

Why Choose the AQ270 for Your Nutrient Analysis?

  • A compact Discrete Analyzer, with up to 57 sample positions.
  • 10mm path length for maximum sensitivity
  • Best reproducibility
  • Lowest detection limits
  • Economical- save money on reagent and waste costs, with less than 50ul waste per sample,
  • 2ml sample cup sizes
  • Run up to seven different chemistries from each sample in the same run.
  • Auto standard preparation
  • Auto dilution
  • Automatic standard preparation
  • Carry over and cross contamination eliminated
  • Completely unattended operation ideal for overnight-programed runs.
  • Scheduling of 1 to 7 tests on a single sample with any analyte in any order
  • Methods have USEPA approval for both wastewater and drinking water.
  • UKAS methods are equivalent to "UK Blue Book"
  • Methods specially optimized for soil analysis.

Discrete Analyzer Methods

The broad range of methods for the AQ270 Discrete Analyzers include analytes important for nutrient analysis of water, wastewater, soils etc.

Methods include:

  • Alkalinity
  • Ammonia
  • Chloride
  • Cyanides
  • Nitrate/ Nitrite
  • Nitrite
  • Phenolics
  • Phosphate, ortho
  • Phosphorous, total
  • Silicate
  • Sulfate
  • Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen
  • And more.

How do Seal AQ270 Discrete Analyzers Work?

  • The SEAL AQ270 uses a robotic sampling arm, and a stepper-motor driven syringe to aspirate, dispense and mix precise quantities of sample and reagent into miniaturised test tubes (reaction wells).
  • Samples and reagents are incubated in the reaction wells for a pre-programmed time.
  • A single aliquot is transferred to the stop/ flow optical quality glass cuvette 10mm pathlength. The absorbance is read in the stationary optical bench for the best signal to noise ratio.
  • Reaction times are programmable from seconds to minutes, with the optimized methods bringing the chemical reaction to full completion and steady state, emulating manual and segmented flow methods.
  • Once the absorbance is ready, the cuvette is automatically and thoroughly cleaned, eliminating carry over and cross contamination.


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AQ270 Features

AQ2 Discrete Analyzer Cuvette

Glass Cuvette

  • 100% optical quality glass cuvette used for precise absorbance measurement 
  • Robust detection system utilizes a stationary measurement cell
  • 10mm optimum path length
AQ2 Discrete Analyzer Disposable Reagent Wedge

Reagent Wedges

  • Reagent wedges with on-board cooling
  • Use only 10ul - 500 ul reagent per test
  • Reagent expiration date tracked through software
Discrete Analyzer Disposable Reaction Wells


Reaction Wells

  • Low cost, disposable wells used for each discrete reaction
  • Constant heating and programmable reaction time ensure reaction reaches completion
AQ2 Discrete Analyzer advanced software with QCPro Data Quality Assurance System

Flexible Software

  • Highly flexible software - designed with user input
  • QCProTM Data Quality Assurance System
  • User specifies QC types, limits and corrective actions upon QC failure