Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer Methods

Over 1000 methods completely transferable

SEAL Analytical (formerly Technicon) have an extensive library of over 1000 methods for Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers. Applications for the older AutoAnalyzer II and TrAAcs systems are completely transferable to the new systems.

USEPA Methodologies

The USEPA methodologies for automated colorimetric analysis reference the Technicon CFA AutoAnalyzer II. The AutoAnalyzer 3 HR is the latest version of this instrument. We offer methods that are fully compatible to USEPA, AOAC and ISO standard methods.

Lowest Detection Limits

AutoAnalyzer Continuous Segmented Flow methods will give you the best reproducibility and the lowest detection limits - crucial in applications such as seawater and low level pollutants like cyanide and phenol.

Multi-test Manifolds

Multitest Manifolds allow you to analyze a large number of different parameters on a single channel system, as well as extend any size analyzer to a multiple channel analyzer. This will lower your purchase and maintenance costs as well as save space. When changing from one test to another only the reagents need to be exchanged, saving you time as well.


Discrete Analyzer Methods

Methods for use with Discrete Analyzers


Over 30 Methods for the Environmental Market

The SEAL Analytical Discrete Analyzers are designed specifically for the environmental market. Our library of discrete analyzer methods includes a broad range of analytes important to environmental laboratories.

USEPA Methods

We understand EPA-approved methods are critical for many laboratories and therefore we have invested significantly in this area. We are pleased to announce we have achieved individual letters of approval for our AQ series environmental methods! These letters state that our methods are acceptable for both waste water (NPDES) and drinking water (NPDWR/NSDWR) compliance monitoring. Contact SEAL Analytical for copies of our individual approval letters.

SEAL UKAS methods are equivalent to "UK Blue Book" UKAS methods applied to the AQ series of Discrete Analyzers are traceable to those methods published in the series "Methods for the Examination of Waters and Associated Materials", produced by the Standing Committee of Analysts in the UK. The methods are acceptable for both drinking water and waste waters according to criteria set by the UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and the DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate).