MiniLab For Soil Samples

Minilab Biochemical Oxygen Demand BOD Analyzer

The MiniLab will completely automate your soil analysis & soil sample pre-treatment. 


Analyzing soil quality is important for maximizing crop yield in agricultural applications and for assessment of interferences in natural terrestrial ecosystems. The MiniLab offers consistent automation solutions for various steps in soil sample pre-treatment and analysis. The MiniLab boasts quick setup, precision robotics, true flexibility and reliablility for the automated analysis & pre-treatment of soil samples. Transform your laboratory and boost your productivity!


pH in Soil

For pH measurement in soil, the MiniLab will dispense requested volumes of extractant into the vial, stir and leave for a designated time. The MiniLab will automatically calibrate from your provided set of standards and then test the soil samples along with quality checks as set-up in the software. As with all MiniLab systems, additional parameters can be added, and system size can vary depending on your laboratories’ needs. 

Soil analysis automation can include:

  • pH probe calibration
  • Addition of extraction solution
  • Stirring
  • pH measurement


Particle Size Distribution/ Clay Fraction

The SEAL MiniLab is also perfectly suited to performing the clay fraction procedure. The system adds the sodium pyrophosphate to the sample and adds distilled water to bring the suspension to volume. The sample is then homogenized. After the settling period, an aliquot of the suspension is taken at the appropriate depth and dispensed into an evaporation dish. The clay fraction is calculated after evaporation (drying) of the sample trays. Suitable for ISO procedure ISO 11277.

Automation includes:

  • Addition of sodium pyrophosphate 
  • Fill to volume water addition 
  • Sample homogenization
  • Sample pipetting 
  • Sample drying 
  • Calculation 


Advantages of Robotic Handling for Soil Analysis & Soil Sample Pre-treatment:
  • Free staff from tedious, time consuming manual tasks 
  • Improved repeatability and reproducibility
  • Safer work environment
  • 24/7 continuous operation and analysis
  • Reduce lab process cycle times 
  • Minimize unplanned downtime 
Powerful Software

Logical, easy to use and understand, our included comprehensive software tracks and controls every step and every interaction with the soil samples. The MiniLab software gives you real-time visualisation of the run status, and complete reporting and tracking of all soil sample data. You can customise almost every step of the run and build your own methods to suit your unique requirements including: number of measurements, number of readings, stirring delays, measurement delay time, number of rinses and more.


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Automate Soil Sample Preparation

Soil sample analysis and soil sample pre-treatmentSoil sample preparation and pre-treatment is one of the most time consuming steps in laboratories. A great deal of manual labor and potential for error happens during this first step. Many soil samples will need to be handled multiple times to complete all the sample pre-treatment needed. The MiniLab can automate these steps, eliminating the manual labor and provide reliable and consistent results. The Minilab, when required, will split the sample and perform the various soil sample preparation and pretreatment needs


Advantages of SEAL's Advanced Automation

Already a world leader in nutrient analysis and sample digestion, following the acquisition of ROHASYS Automation in 2017, SEAL now launches a new range of robotic handling systems. Precision engineering and robust construction sets a new benchmark in laboratory robotic innovation with trouble-free operation and accuracy, backed by SEAL Analytical’s world-class technical support and expertise. Choose SEAL MiniLab for:

  • Precision robotics for perfect alignment 
  • Robust construction and reliable operation 
  • Easy to use and flexible to suit every lab and application 
  • Multiple robotic arms for larger, faster runs 
  • Automated sample pre-treatment and analysis in a single unit 
  • In-house software development for a close feedback loop 
  • Easy maintenance 


Other SEAL Soil Preparation Products


SEAL offers stand-alone filtration robots for high capacity soils applications or filtration can be added to any of our MiniLab robotic systems. SEAL segmented flow analyzers can also filter via dialysis – see Segmented Flow section for more information.


Weighing of samples before drying to assess dryness or after ashing can be done with SEAL robotic systems or inline with various other steps on our MiniLab robotic system.


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