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 AQ400 - NEW from SEAL Analytical AQ400 Discrete Analyzer 

•  Speed
•  Capacity
•  Flexibility
•  Reproducibility   
 AQ300 Discrete Analyzer New! AQ300 Discrete Analyzer 
•  The latest discrete analyzer in the AQ series
•  Ideal for laboratories with less space or smaller workloads
•  Faster than the AQ1, with higher throughput
20% more reaction wells, up to 97 sample positions
 New AQ300 Discrete Analyzer  
    QuAAtro Segmented Flow Analyzer

QuAAtro39 AutoAnalyzer   
•  QuAAtro39 is a high performance, high throughput AutoAnalyzer
•  Very low reagent and sample consumption
•  Increased throughput, with most methods running 100 – 120 samples hour.
•  The optimal bubble frequency for each method is programmed by silent air valves to
    improve flow stability.
•  Ultra Low Detection limits, best reproducibility           
•  USEPA, AOAC and ISO standard methods  

      QuAAtro Precision Pump 
     AQ2 - Discrete Analyzer AQ2 Discrete Analyzer
    •  The AQ2 employs a robust robotic sampling arm
    •  Works  in conjunction with a stepper motor-driven syringe.
    •  The syringe is used for aspirating, dispensing and mixing of sample and reagent
    •  Each test occurs in a separate or discrete reaction vessel
    •  Varied tests on different samples and immediate individual tests.                                 
     AQ2 - Discrete Analyzer  AQ2 Reaction Tray and Sampling Assembly

    AA3 HR- Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer
    •  Ultra Low Detection Limits
    •  40 to 100 samples per hour
    •  over 700 documented applications
    •  Low reagent consumption
    •  Compatible with Technicon and Bran+Luebbe AutoAnalyzer II Systems
    •  Quick Method Change-over
    •  Wide range: dilution of sample is rarely necessary       
     AA3 Segmented Flow Analyzer AA3 High Resolution Digital Colorimeter 
     AA100 Discrete Analyzer AA100 - Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer
    • High Performance Digital Photometer
    • LED Light Source
    • Small Footprint - fits on any standard bench
    •  NEW Carousel Sampler
     SEAL AA1 - NEW Segmented Flow Analyzer