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AQ1 Discrete Analyzer


Customer Support Manual Inclusions:

  1. Maintenance Checklists
    The first 3 tabs are set up to organize the Operational / Maintenance Checklists.  
    •   Daily / Weekly Checklist
    •   Monthly Maintenance Checklist
    •   6 Month Maintenance Checklist
  2. Annual Maintenance
    The 4th tab is for the Annual Maintenance functions:
    •   12 Month Maintenance Training
    •   SEAL Analytical Service Contract Information
    •   File your 12 Month Required Maintenance Checklist provided
        during your yearly Preventative Maintenance Visit. 
  3. AQ1 "How To" Tip Sheets
    These tip sheets (filed in tab #5) provide the most up-to-date information and advice on "How To" get things done.  They are designed to remind the Maintenance trained operator of the steps needed to replace the wear parts on the AQ1.
    •   Change the Lamp - How to change and what to adjust
    •   Peristaltic Pump - How to change pump tubes, lube the pump rollers and check that pump is pumping at the correct volume
    •   Change the Syringe - The Easy way...
    •   More to come
  4. AQ1 Methods Listing + The methods you use
    The 6th tab is used to file the actual SEAL AQ1 methods you use every day.  In addition we have the latest AQ1 Method Listing complete with the pertinent USEPA / Standard Methods Equivalence. Similar listings can be provided to our world wide customers based upon local regulations.  
  5. Standard Testing Measuring Diagnostic Method
    The 7th tab is devoted to Standard Testing Methods.  The SEAL AQ1 is simple to operate and it is quite simple to test that it is operating correctly.  The Measuring Diagnostics test is designed to detect problems:
    •   Dirty Cuvette - The most common problem, easily remedied by the "Extra Wash" function.
    •   Hydraulic Problems - Worn pump tubes, pumps need cleaning and Lubrication - Monthly Maintenance Checklist items
    •   Electronic Noise
  6. Standard Testing Dye Calibration and Precision
    The Dye Calibration Testing (7th tab) is used to check the operation of the syringe, optical filter and the hydraulic system of the AQ1.  By taking a solution of a known concentration and asking the AQ1 to create a calibration curve, we can see if the AQ1 is operating correctly. This is a very useful trouble shooting procedure.
  7. Technical Tips & Troubleshooting
    •  Cadmium Coil Regeneration
    •  Error Codes
    •  Import a Schedule
    •  Ammonia in Sodium Potassium Tartrate
    •  Cleaning with Bleach
    •  Control Abbreviations and Sample Types
    •  Reagent Shelf Life
    •  Calculation Spike Recovery
    •  Technical Tip - Sample Addition
    •  AQ1 Troubleshooting
    •  Filters List by Method