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MiniLab BOD Analyzer

Minilab Biochemical Oxygen Demand BOD Analyzer

The MiniLab BOD Analyzer will completely automate your BOD analysis. 


The MiniLab BOD Analyzer is the robotic analyzer boasting quick setup, precision robotics, true flexibility and reliablility for automated BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). Transform your laboratory's BOD analysis and boost your productivity.

With streamlined software configuration and minimal user interaction, MiniLab BOD Analyzer users with varying levels of expertise will enjoy complete automated BOD analysis with “walkaway” sample preparation and analysis. The MiniLab BOD Analyzer will completely automate your standard BOD5 or BOD7 method using precision robotics to mimic your manual methods and take care of even the most tedious preparation tasks including filling, washing and rinsing. You just provide the sample!


For Automated BOD Choose the MiniLab BOD Analyzer:

Automate every step* in the typical Biochemical Oxygen Demand analysis (BOD analysis) including:

  • Sample pipetting, pre-dilutions
  • Barcode reading
  • Bottle capping/ de-capping
  • pH measurement and adjusting pH
  • Addition of dilution water
  • Addition of the nitrification inhibitor (ATU) and/ or seed
  • Sample aeration
  • Sample homogenization
  • Measurement of dissolved oxygen
  • Calculation and validation BOD 
  • Integrate to LIMs.

*Depending on options selected


Advantages of the MiniLab BOD Analyser:
  • 24/7 continuous operation and analysis
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand results can be calculated and validated automatically
  • Fully audited sample management ensures total compliance with legal standards
  • Precise, repeatable results free of human error
  • Less technical expertise required to prepare samples & run analysis
  • Free staff from tedious, time consuming manual tasks
  • Shorter analysis times, improved repeatability and reproducibility 
  • Reduced reagent use 
  • Safer work environment
  • Lowers costs per tests and lower waste disposal expenses
  • Smaller sample volumes required
  • Keeps reagents at a constant temperature
  • Reduce lab process cycle times
  • High analytical capacity: from 60 to 300 samples per system (application and model dependent)
  • Exportable results
  • Uses standard BOD bottles
Powerful Software

When you automate BOD analysis you will appreciate the logical, easy to use and understand included software that tracks and controls every step and every sample interaction. The BOD Analyzer software gives you real-time visualisation of the run status, and complete reporting and tracking of all sample data. You can customise almost every step of the run and build your own methods to suit your unique requirements including: number of measurements, number of readings, stirring delays, measurement delay time, number of rinses and more.




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MiniLab BOD Analyser Brochure




The SEAL Advantage

Automated BOD Analysis

We have combined our experience in automating laboratory analysis with industry leading robotics to produce a BOD Analyzer that will transform your BOD analysis. Precision engineering and robust construction not only sets a new benchmark in laboratory robotic innovation it is the key to consistent, trouble-free operation.

Most importantly the MiniLab BOD Analyzer does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do- reliably automating every step in your BOD analysis, so you can just add the sample and walkaway.

  • Automated BOD sample pre-treatment and analysis in a single unit
  • Precision robotics for perfect alignment
  • Robust construction of every component so alignment is never compromised
  • Easy to use, but flexible enough to suit every lab and every application
  • Simultaneous probe operation for larger, fast runs
  • Optical probes for fast stabilisation
  • In-house software development for a close feedback loop. 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable operation
  • Available in a range of footprints to suit even the smallest lab
  • Our robots do what they are supposed to do, so you can just add sample and “walk away”


Watch the video and then contact us to get hands on with the MiniLab BOD Analyzer.