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Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers

Water, Seawater, Wastewater, Soil & Plant, Fertilizer, Food, Wine & Tobacco

Designed Specifically For Environmental Samples

SEAL Analytical AutoAnalyzers have been designed specifically for environmental sample analysis. The current range of SEAL AutoAnalyzers have been developed from the world's best known and most successful Continuous Flow Analyzer- the AutoAnalyzer II . The original AutoAnalyzer II is the instrument that most EPA methods reference for automated colorimetric analysis.

SEAL AutoAnalyzers perform automated wet chemistry analysis using a special flow technique called "continuous flow analysis" or more correctly "segmented flow analysis" fully automating repetitive and complex sample analysis steps from start-up to shut-down. Continuous or Segmented Flow Analyzers have been developed for running a few parameters on a large and very large number of samples. These analyzers provide maximum sensitivity by ensuring the reaction always goes to completion, and with digital true dual-beam detection system with real-time referencing, the highest reproducibility and very lowest detection limits are achieved- features unique to SEAL analyzers and designed specifically for environmental samples like water, wastewater, seawater, soil, tobacco, plant, fertilizer, food and wine.


Models Suited to Every Size Lab


  • World's most automated, compact, Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer.
  • > 1,000 results/day
  • Microflow hydraulics
  • Heated manifolds
  • High resolution detectors
  • Detect ultra-low nutrients
  • Multi-test manifolds
  • Compact & flexible
  • QuAAtro39 applications & methods

QuAAtro39 Autoanalyzer


AA500 AutoAnalyzer
  • Automates repetitive & complex analysis steps
  • Future proof modular design
  • Perform solvent extraction, distillation, gas diffusion, on-line filtration & in-line UV digestion
  • Over 700 documented applications
  • USEPA, ISO & ASTM standard methods
  • Now with automation!
  • AA500 applications & methods



AA500 Segmented Flow Analyzer


AA100 AutoAnalyzer
  • Dual channel
  • Very small footprint
  • Ideal for labs running 1 or 2 dedicated chemistries.
  • Automates repetitive & complex analysis steps including sample distillation.
  • Up to 120 tests/hour
  • Low cost per test



AA100 Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer


Extensive Application List Including USEPA Approved Methods

Over 1000 completely transferable methods for continuous segmented flow analyzers. We have methodologies for automated colorimetric analysis fully compatible to USEPA, AOAC and ISO standards. Our methods with give you the best reproducibility and the lowest detection limits, crucial in applications such as seawater and low level pollutants like cyanide and phenol.

The AA500 and QuAAtro also accept Multi-test manifolds which will extend any size analyzer to a multiple chemistry system capable of dual range tests without the need to change manifolds and filters- a great time and cost saver.