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SEAL Analytical Discrete Analyzers

Water, Seawater, Wastewater, Soil & Plant, Fertilizer, Food & Beverage, Tobacco

SEAL Analyzers- Designed Specifically For Environmental Samples.

SEAL Analytical has the largest installed base of Discrete Analyzers in the USA. Our analyzers are designed specifically for nutrient analysis on environmental samples and are perfect if you're looking for immediate results on many different parameters from the same sample. All environmental samples are read in exactly the same way, giving you the best reproducibility, the lowest detection limits and a unique design that ensures there is no cross contamination. With the ability to schedule multiple tests on a single sample, completely unattended and overnight operation, and the ability to add samples after the run has started, the SEAL Discrete Analysers will revolutionize your laboratory.

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Nutrient Analyzers for Every Size Laboratory and Budget.

AQ400 Discrete Analyzer
  • Very high capacity
  • Lowest detection limits
  • Bench-top analyzer
  • Wide range of chemistries
  • Ultra-low reagent consumption
  • Completely unattended operation
  • USEPA approved methods

AQ2 Discrete Analyzer

  • High throughput
  • Low detection limits
  • Schedule multipe tests on a single sample
  • Any analyte in any order
  • Test programable per sample
  • Best value Discrete Analyzer
  • USEPA approved methods
  • AQ2 EPA method list

AQ300 Discrete Analyzer

AQ300 Discrete Analyzer
  • The latest discrete analyzer in the AQ series
  • Brings the benefits of the AQ400 to smaller labs
  • For labs with less space and smaller workload 
  • Faster than the AQ1 with higher throughput 
  • 20% more reaction wells, up to 97 sample positions
  • Completely unattended operation

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Best Discrete Analyzer

Best Discrete Analyzer

Extensive Application List Including USEPA Approved Methods

SEAL Discrete Analyzer methods include analytes important for environmental laboratories analyzing water, wastewater, soils etc. Applications include:


Discrete or Continuous Flow Analysis-which is better?

Discrete Analyzers- Designed for the Environment