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Tobacco Analysis- Recommended Instruments

Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers are ideal for routine tobacco analysis & nicotine analysis. Up to 8 parameters can be measured simultaneously, and parameters like Total Sugars requiring several high temperature heating steps can be automated with consistent results. The AA500 AutoAnalyzer is for small to medium size laboratories, running around 60 samples/hour. A modular concept makes maintenance easier and the larger ID makes the AA500 AutoAnalyzer robust with no clogging issues. Dialyzers are used for dilution and to compensate for any color interference. The QuAAtro is a microflow high speed analyzer suited to high workloads or labs short on space; it uses less reagents & produces less waste.


Rapid Analysis of Tobacco & Nicotine

For laboratories automating manual wet chemistry methods you can bring a previously unattainable level of sensitivity, speed and precision to your tobacco & nicotine analysis. By selecting an automated analyzer designed & manufactured by SEAL Analytical you're choosing an analyzer designed specifically for environmental laboratories, and one that is supported by over 50 years experience.

Tobacco laboratories around the world trust their tobacco analysis to SEAL. SEAL analyzers are supplied with detailed method descriptions, including reagent make up, flow diagrams and specific application notes. SEAL Analytical is actively involved in Coresta and can supply ISO and Coresta approved methodology.


Most AutoAnalyzer and QuAAtro methods are automated versions of standard manual methods. 40-90 samples can be analyzed per hour and several parameters can be measured from the same sample at the same time.

ISO and Coresta Standard Methods

Multitest Methods

  • Specially developed for tobacco analysis, these Multitest methods enable you to measure multiple parameters with one analytical cartridge (or manifold). When changing from one test to another only the reagents and the colorimeter filter need to be changed.
  • Multitest methods are ideal for laboratories with small to medium workloads or where some tests are only required occasionally, as there is no need to invest in a separate manifold for each chemistry.
  • The MT24 and MT26 Multitest methods for tobacco analysis incorporate a dialyzer to eliminate interference from colored samples.
  • The MT25 is used with an on-line distillation unit to give fully automatic analysis. Ranges can be varied by changing sample pump tubes
Available Multitest Manifolds:
  • MT24- Nitrate, Total Alkaloids, Ammonia, Chloride, TKN
  • MT25- Volatile Bases, Volatile Acidity
  • MT26- Nitrate, TKN
  • G247- Reducing Sugars, Total Sugar

Typical Applications for Tobacco Leaf & for Smoke Finished Products Condensate

Ammonia            Cyanide               Chloride            Formaldehyde
Nicotine Nicotine Nitrate Phosphate Reducing Sugars
Total Nitrogen Total Sugars Urea Volatile Acidity
Volatile Bases