SEAL Laboratory Supplies

Genuine SEAL parts for optimum performance 

SEAL Laboratory Supplies for high quality laboratory supplies

For any instrument, long-term reliability and reproducibility depends on regular maintenance and using quality parts. SEAL simplifies this process by offering high quality, genuine parts and consumables directly from our locally stocked warehouses for your SEAL instruments and other laboratory systems. SEAL offers specialized kits to make ordering and maintenance simple. 

SEAL Laboratory Supplies for laboratory supplies




Continuous Flow Analyzers 

To guarantee best performance, best reproducibility and lowest detection limits, always use SEAL flow rated pump tubing on your segmented flow analyzer. Specialist glass pieces, flow cells, sample cups, specialized parts for inline sample preparation including UV lamps, dialyzer membranes and patented heat coils for current and older models of analyzers are available. 


Discrete Analyzers 

Along with sample cups, reagent wedges and reaction segments, SEAL maintains an inventory of cadmium coils for nitrate reduction, probe wash assemblies, probes, syringes, lamps and other specialized spares parts. The 3, 6 and 12 months kits make regular maintenance simple and will help keep your analyzer in shape for years to come. 


Flared Pump Tubing for ICP 

Flared end pump tubing makes connecting your small ID tubing to larger tubing simple! No more frustrating time wasting. SEAL can supply flared end tubing for any size and material. Ideal for ICP/ICP-MS applications. Any pump tubing type can be supplied with flared ends; including both 2-shoulder and 3-shoulder tubing types. Call us for free samples. 


Other Laboratory Supplies 

SEAL Lab Supplies offers a wide range of consumables for digestion, sample preparation, chromatography and spectroscopy applications. From plastic and glass sample vials, specialist glassware, teardrop stoppers and reflux caps, SEAL has you covered. 


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